"The Eohippus"




A hotel for equestrians located in the chalk foothills of southern England.


Design complete


The Eohippus, considered the ancient ancestor to the modern horse, is the name given to this place for horse riding, providing overnight stay for visitors and their horses.  The facility is perched near an ancient chalk carving that depicts a prancing horse exploiting the high concentration of chalk deposits located in this region of southern England.  The hotel is made to be characterized as an archeological find in itself.  Built out of the side of the sloping grade of the site, the low scale portion of the hotel containing a restaurant and theatre, appears to have been exposed through erosion. The bed tower rising above providing views to surrounding landscape of foothills.
















































Designer: Paul Puzzello 


Drawings: Paul Puzzello

Pencil and spray-paint on watercolor paper, copier paper