Apartment Block

Bloomington, Indiana 2003


Building for 54 - one, two, and three bedroom unit market-rate apartments.

Status: Construction complete

Located on the prominent corner of 3rd street and Dunn, this apartment building shaped in a donut plan relates to the idea of the typology of the historical urban brick apartment block and treatment of the street corner.  This design incorporates various colored brick and concrete masonry in shades from dark to light, addressing the corner with a multi-facted shape that provides panoramic views of the surrounding city.  Market-rate apartments primarily serve the Indiana University student body. 
























Architect: Tabor/Bruce/Puzzello & Associates

Paul Puzzello (design partner, project architect)

Doug Bruce (partner-in-charge)

Matt Feldmeyer, Leslie Noggle, Frank Spence (project team)

Scott Routen (digital model)