"Rubedo World"



A facility used as a launching point for hang gliding and bungee jumping.

Status: Complete

This proposal for a facility built on a hypothetical site in a mountain crevasse.  Inspired by the “Rubedo”, one of the three spiritual worlds: “Albedo”, “Rubedo” and Negredo” in alchemic writings. 

 “When rubedo has been realized the alchemist has accepted his spiritual inheritance. He has become what he always has been, but never knew he was. He has realized his divine essence while still in his physical body. It is the same as what the gnostici called pneuma, the divine spirit in each person that is concealed in the deep darkness of the world, but can be made conscious again. When rubedo has been manifested a person is master over both the physical as the spiritual world. He has become a King master over himself.”

 The design calls for  three spaces on separate floors, the bottom level, entered upon arrival to investigate height of the jump and to contemplate the jump, the middle level, where each jumper sits to wait for his turn to jump, and the top level where success is celebrated and contemplated.  At the bottom level, two spaces divide from the main spine of the facility, halls of remembrance for those who fail the jump and those that succeed.  For most, the idea of making a jump off of a platform 400 feet in the air, even tethered puts them outside of their comfort zone.  This moment and moment of successful completion is an empowering feeling of mastery over the self, but still with risk.











Designer: Paul Puzzello

Drawings: Paul Puzzello

Pencil and spray-paint on watercolor paper

Model: Paul Puzzello

Cardboard, balsa wood, plaster, spray-paint