Infill Housing Proposal

Indianapolis, Indiana 2017



Infill housing prototype for inner-city site in Indianapolis.



In considering the design for this inner-city infill site, we looked at both context and typology relating the familiar with new invention and modernity.  The house expresses an architectural richness through inventive space and exterior form that not only looks good, but has a performative quality as well.  The design utilizes standard and familiar building materials throughout but challenges typical techniques of roof framing to achieve a new sculptural quality inside and out that is not seen in typical houses.  The spirit of the house is casual with varied indoor and outdoor space planning. The floor plan also offers flexibility in terms live-work choices.  The skylight at the center of the house is mechanically operated and can open to create cross-breezes from every room in the house.  The space above the living room is open and the central skylight acts as a chimney effect drawing and pulling ventilation from all parts of the house.  Tapestry wall hanging shown over stairs features a pattern design by Michele Dopp of Fabric and Steel,























































Puzzello Architecture Practice

Paul Puzzello (design team)