House in Brown County

Brown County, Indiana 2015




3,300 square foot single-family residence


Construction complete


Brown County, Indiana, world renowned for it's natural beauty, rolling hills, and forests. Built on an existing concrete foundation, this house will serve as a permanent residence for a couple who desire a place for their agrarian lifestyle. The straightforward design of the house relates to the typical farmhouse and incorporate digitally patterned and routed marine-grade plywood siding.tree bark patterns patterns digitally routed out of marine-grade plywood.






















































Puzzello Architecture Practice

Paul Puzzello (project designer, project architect, structural design, interior design)

Digital design and prototyping:

David Smith

Ryan Moninger

Phil Borkowski

Digital Fabrication:

ACS Sign Solutions

General Contractor:

Puzzello Architecture Practice

Paul Pimpton (plumbing)

Quality HVAC (geothermal heating and cooling)

Indiana Wall Systems (stucco)

REK Construction (gutter and metal work)

Paul Puzzello (plywood panel installation, porch door fabrication, finish carpentry)

Oksana Puzzello (plywood panel staining and finishing)