Status: Complete

Dialog was created to be a part of an exhibition at the Swope Museum of Art in Terre Haute.  The exhibition, entitled “small architecture BIG LANDSCAPES” was curated by Wes Janz, professor of architecture at Ball State University and founder of onesmallproject.org.  The show depicts works of artists and designers, in addition to tools and methods of building that are used in different societies introducing thinking about how the built environment is shaped in unorganized communities and settlements throughout the world.  “Dialog” is a conceptual piece that is an interpretation of the presence ofscrappers and waste pickers in the streets of Buenos Aires, implying spine and backbone.  Named “Dialog” as a result of many dualities in the piece, collaboration, communication, the two-part expression of woven plastic trash and fabric-formed concrete, trash and street material. The concrete element created with methods of fabric formed concrete, it expresses concrete as a street material formed in an anthropomorphic shape in the position of the hunched back-bone.  Cast in the concrete are generic terms of nameless terms of people in Spanish such as man, aunt, grandmother, son, sister, etc.  Referring to the people who suddenly find themselves in a desperate situation to survive in the urban environment, they are named but nameless.




















Ana de Brea

Wil Marquez

Paul Puzzello


Computer Modeling/Drawings:

Wil Marquez